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Primary Schools
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Primary / Secondary Liaison

This is a vital programme that introduces future pupils to the school. Moving from primary to secondary school can be a daunting experience for pupils. Castlemilk High runs several initiatives to link with our feeder schools. These bring together teachers and pupils from secondary and primary schools. It benefits the secondary because we can learn about our future pupils, and it also helps to put primary 7s at ease about going to the "big school".
In the past few years, there have been a number of visits, including:
  • Anti-bullying conference with staff and pupils from Castlemilk High and Castleton Primary
  • A parents information evening in January of each year
  • A two-day induction for primary 7 pupils in June of each year
  • Visits from subject staff including Enterprise, Drama, Maths, Music, Careers Advisor and the school Librarian.
Our Support for Learning department links closely with primary 7 teachers to ensure that information about pupils' additional needs and strengths is collated and distributed to teachers and support staff.
Associated Primary Schools
Castleton Primary School
70 Dougrie Drive, Glasgow, G45 9NW
Telephone: 0141 634 6913
Miller Primary School
20 Ardencraig Road, Glasgow, G45 0VV
Telephone: 0141 634 8276
Carmunnock Primary School
158 Waterside Road, Carmunnock, G76 9AJ
Telephone: 0141 644 4164