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Welcome to Castlemilk

Our Police Campus Officer is PC Donnelly who is in the school every day and works as part of the Pastoral Care Team.

Why is she here?

  • Strengthen partnership working between the Police and the School
  • Develop communication between the school and the wider community
  • Promote positive opportunities for young people

What will she do at Castlemilk High?

  • Become a part of school daily life by engaging with young people to help them reach their potential
  • Working with classes and groups of young people
  • Working together with staff to support our young people
  • Being the point of contact between parents/carers and Police Scotland

Contacting PC Donnelly 

  • Phoning Castlemilk High School - 0141 582 0050
  • Out of school hours
  • Advice only contact the local Problem Solving Team at Cathcart Police Office - call 101
  • On-going Incident request Police assistance on - 101
  • In emergency always call - 999