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S5 Burns Experience
This year, two S5 students attended an Enactus Glasgow event. Here is a short report of their experience;
On 2nd February Demi and I went to an Enactus Glasgow event at the University of Glasgow. It was a dinner in honour of Robert Burns. Demi and I were asked to say a few words about Burns and his poetry. We were very nervous before we went into the hall but Sarah Jane – the organiser – put us at ease. Everyone was so smiley and friendly and we forgot all about being nervous. The atmosphere in the room was very welcoming and relaxed. Everyone was looking forward to the dinner.
When it came to the time for me and Demi to speak about Robert Burns, the nerves started to build up slightly. Looking out at roughly 80 faces, waiting for my half of the speech, was scary but once I started to speak the confidence started to sink in. When Demi and I were finished, we went back to our table spoke to each other about how it seemed silly that we were once scared of speaking in front of all these lovely people.
Being involved in this wonderful experience, has boosted my confidence and has made me want to get more involved in group and class discussions. This dinner also gave us the opportunity to get to know Miss McPhillips, which was great. Overall this experience was amazing and I would love to attend this traditional dinner in honour Robert Burns again, if I ever get a second chance.
Amy, S5.