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Conga for charity

 On Saturday 28th November, pupils from Castlemilk High School participated a ‘Glasgow the Caring City’ charity event. The event was to raise awareness and funds for local child poverty projects.  This was supported by BeYonder & The Scottish Federation of Grocers.

 Many schools, colleges and organisations took part across the city where they hosted Conga events in their own place with a number of schools coming to take part in the main event at Hampden.

 Some schools opted just to conga where others raised money for their own schools / organisations with some also raising money for local projects in their areas.

 It is hoped that in light of the success of this year’s event which was the first, that a proposal will be made to Holyrood to make this a national event, again raising local funds for local schools and projects to raise awareness and funds for child poverty in Scotland.

 The 4 students from Castlemilk High were brilliant ambassadors for the school and played a key role in supporting the event by empowering students from Hazelwood School to undertake full participation in the main event. Well done to all!

 It was reported through the Evening Times and STV were also in attendance. Click here to see the report.