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Pupils and Parents Back Castlemilk High School’s Uniform Policy

With the new school year comes a new uniform initiative at Castlemilk High.  Every pupil from S1 to S6 is expected to wear the uniform, complete with impressive black blazers, on a daily basis.  Head Teacher, Lynn McPhillips, is delighted with the response from both pupils and parents.

“The pupils look fantastic in their new uniforms,” she said.  “I would also like to pass on my thanks to parents and carers for supporting us in our new uniform policy.”

Pupils have also expressed their support for the new uniform.  Rebecca Thomson, an S6 pupil, said: “I really like the uniform.  In the past, pupils were too judgemental and looked down on less affluent pupils because of the type of trainers or jackets they were wearing.  Now we all look the same – really smart!  It helps us to fight the stereotypical assumptions that young people from Castlemilk are no good.  The uniform presents a great image to the wider community.”

Rebecca is right.  Research has shown that a rigorous uniform policy makes a significant contribution to raising pupil aspirations and ultimately achievement.  Notwithstanding the health and safety benefits of pupils wearing uniform, the pride and sense of belonging that the badge and blazer instils in pupils contributes to a highly positive school ethos.  Looking at Castlemilk High School pupils on their first day of a new school year, it’s hard to disagree.