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Scottish Cyclocross Championships



Castlemilk High Bike Club pupils have been training hard this year. With the Commonwealth Games Legacy Mountain Bike Track right on the school’s doorstep, weekly sessions have been focusing on bike handling skills with coaching from Mr Munro and senior pupil Jack. On Sunday, they were looking to put these skills to the test at the 2nd round of the Scottish Cyclocross Championships at Strathclyde Park.
With Angus (S1) and Ciaran (S3) taking part in their first ever race they turned to Jack (S4) who was taking part in the event for the 3rd year in a row, for tips and advice. Jack told the boys that pacing yourself was the most important thing – don’t go full speed at the start because you will get tired quickly.
In the past our club has suffered mechanical failures and crashes, robbing us of a chance to cross the finish line, so all of the boys had one objective: to finish their race.
Angus was first off in the under 12s race. A field of 100 eager bikers lined up and sped off through the puddles and mud. After 2 tough laps, Angus rolled across the finish line for a successful debut in the world of bike racing!
Ciaran had mentioned that his nerves were growing at the start got closer, but when the start whistle blew, he shot off with the rest of the racers and didn’t look back. Some crashes, skids and lots of mud later, Ciaran flashed past the chequered flag to finish strongly in the Under 16 category.
Jack has suffered some  bad luck at the event in the past and so he was determined to create his own luck this time around. A very strong start in the Junior category saw Jack leave behind some more experienced racers as he sought that elusive finishing place. For a full 40 minutes he battled his fellow competitors and weather that was going from bad to worse. His experience shone through, Jack paced himself perfectly and crossed the line strongly to complete the race in a great time.
A huge thank you to the parents and carers who joined us on our team bus to help out and cheer on the racers in what can only be described as wild weather! Thanks also to East Kilbride Road Club for putting on a friendly and very well organised event – the weather was very appropriate!
Next season the club will look to pass on their skills and knowledge to younger pupils and continue to race bikes at event across the country.